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Wedding rings & Jewellery

Wedding rings & Jewellery

The wedding ring is the tangible sign of union in matrimony; its circular form represents the completeness of the couple united in matrimony, the loyalty and faith that ties them together. The custom of exchanging rings and the tradition of wearing the wedding ring on the left annular finger, derives from the belief that this finger is directly linked to the heart.
There are many possibilities when choosing a wedding ring, but considering that it must last many years, a classic shape yellow gold one is the most popular choice, maybe with the names and date written on the inside.

wedding rings Sorrento

Usually in order to enhance the wedding ring, the bride must not wear a watch nor other rings. You might want to wear a necklace and earrings given they are small and elegant. Even in this case you might find that advice from jewelry experts can be very helpful.

During the ceremony the rings are usually placed on a small cushion, traditionally they are held by the groom's best man or in alternative, if there is one, to the pageboy who then gives them to the priest for the blessing.

Engagement ring

It's a ring that should be given to the fiancée as a pledge of love and as a promise of matrimony. Once it was given when introduced to her family. When undecided regarding which ring to buy, the future groom can go to a jewellery store, choose among various styles and prices or even have the woman try and pick out which ring suits her best.

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