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Old time customs

History and traditions about weddings »

The dowry

Util not too many years ago,Wedding Dowry list of the mid thirties it was still a custom that the groom would go, eight days before the ceremony, accompanied by his parents to the bride’s house and, in the presence of a witness (usually the priest), he would show the dowry, of which a listed catalogue was done.

Bridal procession

The bride arrived to the church followed by a small procession of family members and friends, at the end of the ceremony the newlyweds walked to the reception venue followed by all of the wedding guests. During the walk sugar coated almond confetti were thrown and young boys would hassle to pick them.

Old pictures of weddings in Sorrento and surroundings:

Weddings by proxy

By the end of the nineteenth century and 1950-60, getting married by proxy was a very common custom, due to the strong emigration that Italy (and the Sorrentine Peninsula) experienced in that period. The wedding was celebrated in the bride’s home town and registered in the city hall. In church, with the bride in her wedding gown stood, instead of the groom, a friend or the bride’s father. When the newlyweds got together, pictures were taken to send to relatives and friend, with the bride wearing her wedding gown again.

The first night

The morning following the first night the two mothers in law, would go to the newlywed's house bringing breakfast. His mother would then "inspect” the bed sheets. If everything was in place, the groom would then give the bride's mother a present for having preserved her daughter virtue and purity.

History and traditions about weddings »